Monday, April 23, 2012

spring mint

I. Love. Mint. Whether in the form of trendy skinny jeans, flowing chiffon, or blended with chocolate chips in an ice cream bowl, I can't get enough. It's well known that I'm a sucker for almost any form of green, but the masses don't always agree on this often tricky-to-pull-off hue. Thankfully, mint is "in" in a big way right now, so I don't have to search far and wide to satisfy my green cravings this Spring. I often look to the amazing people at Design Seeds to pair colors in new ways, and this trend is no exception. Check out some of their pairings, mixed in with some always-welcome fashion, for some sweet minty inspiration.

Balanced out with earthy neutrals

Paired with "pops" (hehe) of complementary colors

Did I mention there's always mint chocolate chip?

Spearmint on peppermint on wintergreen...

Peach & mint: summer's perfect pairing

**All images taken from Pinterest

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