Monday, November 21, 2011

pumpkin ravioli with brown butter sage & toasted hazelnuts

Fall practically demands pumpkin everything. I'm sad to say that Adam refuses to warm up to pumpkin in any form, so to enjoy this tasty autumn treat, I'm usually flying solo. When I saw this fresh pumpkin ravioli from Whole Foods, I knew it would make a perfect dinner-for-one plus lunch-for-tomorrow meal. I absolutely loved this sauce, which took a basic brown butter-sage and amped it up with roasted hazelnuts and nutmeg. If you love pumpkin like me, this is an interesting, tasty alternative to the one million pumpkin desserts of the season.


  1. sorry Jordan pumpkin thing may be my fault i'm not a big fan either.

  2. Understandable... it's not for everyone! Sometimes I just accept the hard-and-fast food rules he sets for himself, but I draw the line when there's some whining that I haven't made anything "for him to eat" hahaha.

  3. this pumpkin recipe is fantastic! i have decided to prepare this dish for the guests i have coming home tomorrow, im sure everyone will enjoy this! thanks for sharing.