Wednesday, November 23, 2011

good eats roast turkey

I am so disappointed in myself. I cooked my very first turkey (actually I went straight for a full 16 pounder plus an 8 pound breast) on Sunday, and I forgot to take pictures!!! Can you believe that? Me, who takes pictures religiously of everything I cook, neglected to capture a picture-perfect turkey. I wanted to share the recipe with you anyhow, because it was absolutely perfect. Legitimately the best turkey I've ever tasted... including deep fried turkey. Yep, I said it. Better than deep fried. Wow. Alton Brown's recipe is foolproof, and even includes not one, but three videos to guide you along the way. The best part? It's not too late to make it! If you are so fortunate/unfortunate as to be the one in charge of said bird, you can still make the simple brine, and soak that hideous bird in it overnight before the big day.

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