Monday, November 28, 2011

bows, boots, black and white

Mmmmmm steak. I love a good juicy medium-rare steak. You may wonder how that's related, so I'll tell you. Adam and I went to the Capital Grille for dinner a few nights ago, and indulged in all of the good food, wine and delicious steak we could stuff in our round little bellies. I wanted to dress up a bit, without looking too snazzy or fussy for dinner. I love these boots, which are quite possibly five years old and $20 from Target. The boots, tights, and high waistline of the skirt make for mile-long legs, which make me very happy. Plus, they get an easy update from a new(ish) bow-tie blouse. A great date night outfit with no color needed.


  1. Love your skirt! Fits you perfectly.


  2. cool outfit! especially the bow and the boots..

    you can't tell that those boots are $20.00 and from target! you could of fooled me !


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  4. Thank you both!

    Cortnie - have been trying to comment over at StyleLust and it's rejecting me! haha. But hi!!

    Matthew - glad you like it! New followers are always happily welcomed :)

  5. Gorgeous outfit!!

  6. Hey Jordan! You have an awesome blog too! Following back. :)

  7. stumbled upon your blog from IFB! I love it :) I love the outfit. The shirt is adorable :)

  8. How cute are you? Legs for days! I'm all about the Ascot blouses so chic!


  9. OMG, your look so cute and the black and white photo is so classic. I just found your blog and it's great, I love steak so I can totally relate to this post hehe :) Your white top is so chic, where is it from? I really like it and it's so on trend right now.

    Following you now,
    I'm a stylist with a blog here in San Francisco if you have time to stop by :)