Tuesday, October 11, 2011

pay as you please cafe

While on a weekend trip in Killarney, I stumbled across the most unique and awesome cafe I've ever discovered. The premise was simple enough:  pay whatever you think your experience was worth. My first thought was that this meal would definitely fit into my tight lunch budget, but I was wrong. The market-fresh food was some of the best we had during the entire trip, and the service was remarkably friendly and fun. I just had to pay them plenty for their efforts. For me, the portobello and garlic bruschetta stole the show, but close runner-ups were a second bruschetta with goat cheese and olive tapenade, and a Moroccan chickpea soup in a bread bowl. Aren't these photos fantastic? I hope you agree because you'll be seeing them again very soon (hint, hint). Check out a brief video about the spot and its owner, Rob, below.

1 comment:

  1. omg jordan love the photos and the concept--sounds delish and like each thing is an actual present when you're not worried about the price!!