Wednesday, October 12, 2011

moroccan chickpea & tomato stew

After reeling over the Moroccan-spiced soup from Pay as you Please, I decided I had to take a stab at creating a copycat version. It took some serious recipe doctoring, but I succeeded! I started with a recipe for Chickpea Tomato Stew with Moroccan Spices, but quickly realized it just wouldn't cut it without some help. If you're interested, you can read my changes below. The result was seriously awesome: a thick and hearty but healthy soup that was bursting with interesting flavors. The spices were unique, but not overpowering, set against a  naturally creamy tomato backdrop. If you want an inexpensive but satisfying recipe for fall, look no further.

My Alterations:

The amount of liquid the recipe called for was absurd. I drained all of the tomatoes, discarding all of the liquid. I also added only a portion of the chickpea-cooking liquid, rather than all of it. As is, the recipe would make a VERY runny soup.

I upped all of the spices. I added 3 cinnamon sticks, and sprinkled in some ground cinnamon, cumin, coriander, and even a pinch of chili powder, as the stew cooked. Also, who buys cumin seeds? Just use ground cumin.
I made a bold decision to just throw the soup in a blender and see what happened. It worked, amazingly.
The recipe calls for 1.5 POUNDS of spinach. Absurd. I added in a handful at the end, and wished I wouldn't have. I ended up picking it all out later. 

That's all. Finally.

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