Monday, October 24, 2011

cork's english market

Have you noticed that most, okay nearly all, of my favorite travel gems revolve around food? After a long train ride from Dublin to Cork, in the south of Ireland, finding a famous English Market with a cafe boasting impossibly fresh ingredients was both exciting and necessary. After browsing through the bustling market displays, Kristen and I split two sandwiches that were both truly incredible. The first was a stuffed baguette with sharp Irish cheddar, and the second a goat cheese and roasted beet panini. I recently recreated the stuffed baguette at home for a quick and tasty lunch that was a nice switch-up from classic cold cuts.

Assembling this sandwich is about as easy as it gets: a baguette, Irish cheddar, tomatoes, lettuce, and mayo. The key is springing for a great cheese and quality fresh ingredients. Had I not tasted it and loved it, I wouldn't have really pictured mayo on this sandwich, but it was really fantastic.

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  1. Mm that looks delicious girl! I'm craving this type of sandwich now!