Monday, October 22, 2012

sweaters, studs & stephenie

Joining the website Shoedazzle a few years ago turned out to be an absolutely terrible idea. Enticed by the thought of new $40 shoes each month, I somehow thought that subscribing to something endorsed by Kim K. was a solid plan. After three straight pairs of painfully unwearable shoes, I quit that service and begrudgingly donated some unworn purchases to Goodwill. 
Then ShoeMint came around. Rachel Bilson instead of Kim? Steve Madden designing the shoes? I was willing to give this idea another go, and I'm glad I did. The shoes are still reasonably priced, comfortable, cute, and actually well made. My most recent purchase was the adorably studded Stephenie Boot, and it is already becoming my go-to for fall. They have a slightly harder look to them, so I kept it girly with a top knot and feminine sweater. Now if only I could program my TV to never play one of those awful Shoedazzle commercials again. Ever.

sweater // pants // bag // boots // earrings


  1. I've been wondering about Shoemint, will definitely check it out now that you've endorsed it!!