Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Watercolor Floral Arrangement

This post serves one purpose, and one purpose only: pure springtime eye candy. When I loaded these photos to my computer, the pastel colors and bright white light reminded me of watercolor paintings. The flowers in the arrangement are pink ranunculus (swoon), light and medium pink tulips, and white stock. I would have liked to build it up a little taller, but the arrangement was made to hang out under the all important champagne glasses on my spring bar cart. The flowers actually grew like weeds after this photo was taken, and shot up about four inches in height. I think they just wanted a taste of champagne. It's science.

I had a few leftover blooms, so I made this little cutie as well.


  1. Wow,the flowers are so colorful and amazing!Thanks for sharing!

  2. These flowers are so beautiful.

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