Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Royal Hideaway Playacar, Mexico

In another rendition of TBT, I'm going way back (or what at least feels like way back) to Adam and I's very first beach trip together. Living in frigid Pennsylvania and Maryland, on a student budget nonetheless, didn't provide many beach opportunities, so this trip was a long time coming, but was so worth the wait. Adam had always reminisced fondly about a family vacation to a luxurious all-inclusive resort in Mexico, but the memories were one of a teenage boy, and neither of us were sure how the resort would hold up in semi-adulthood. As it turns out, The Royal Hideaway was an unbelievable all-inclusive, with fantastic restaurants, pools, tropical drinks, and of course a beautiful beach. 

I was dumbfounded by the cost of the resort, which I feel like was the best bang-for-your-buck I've ever had on a vacation. It was truly a hidden gem that literally everyone should look into immediately. If the pictures don't convince you, then take a look at the day bed above, which faced the ocean, and provided the most heavenly afternoon napping spot each day of the trip. I still dream about it often.

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