Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Rosewater & Rosemary Winter Champagne Cocktail

I love champagne. More accurately, I love bubbles. I have neither the discerning palate nor plump wallet to be picky concerning the region of my grapes. It just sounds fancier to say champagne cocktail though, no? I'm sticking with it. Summer cocktails are so abundant, and for good reason, but when it comes to colder months, I think the cocktails are limited. Everything is pumpkin, hot apple cider, or some kind of creamy concoction. Admittedly, that sounds fantastic, but my brain likes to deliberate on things like coming up with new cocktails.

Enter, this flavorful sparkler. Fair warning: if you generally don't like fancy cocktails that include unpronounceable bitters and funky ingredients, you may not like this. I'm refined now. Sort of. But I really enjoyed the different flavors, and felt very bourgeois while drinking it. Cheers!

Rosewater & Rosemary Winter Champagne Cocktail
Single Serving

Sprig of rosemary
Dash of bitters
Dash of rosewater
Simple syrup, to taste
Optional:  food coloring

Add a small dash of bitters and rosewater to the champagne flute. Both have strong flavors, so start small, and you can always add more. I wanted to exaggerate the faint, warm color of the bitters, so I just barely dipped the end of my rosemary sprig in pink food coloring, and added it to the flute (optional). Fill the flute with champagne, and add a small amount of simple syrup, to taste.


  1. This looks and sounds so good!

  2. Hello, my name is Adam and I am a bar manager in Athens, Georgia. I came across this cocktail recipe and would love to try it at my bar. I am curious as to how you are getting the rose color? Is it a sparking pink champagne or the bitters? Thank you so much.