Monday, January 27, 2014

Fig Champagne Fizz

More champagne, please! Isn't that what everyone is thinking? No? My bad. The third edition of my sparkling winter cocktail series is here, and I might have lied to you last time saying my Blood Orange and Prosecco Cocktail was the easiest drink ever. This is easier. You don't even have to juice anything. Figs are a supermarket anomaly to me; I'm consistently drawn to them on restaurant menus, but have never before picked one up at the grocery store. I decided to try them out in a cocktail (with champagne of course), and the result was not only tasty but incredibly pretty as well. If you want to look fancy at a dinner party or girls night with minimal effort, this is your new go-to drink. Plus, it's just pretty, and I'm pretty sure that's 92% of what matters.

Fig Champagne Fizz

1 fig per cocktail (make sure they're ripe, or they will be too tart)
Simple syrup

Slice each fig in half. Add the halves to a cocktail glass and add a dash of simple syrup. You can allow the flavors of the fig and simple syrup to blend for a while in the glass. Fill the glass with champagne, and serve.

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