Friday, January 24, 2014

NYC: Meatpacking District

There's "snow" in Austin today! I believe it's piling up to a total of 0.24 inches, and everything is cancelled. Seriously. As social media is ablaze with gasps over ice in Texas, endless photos of northern snowstorms, reports of cancellations, and snapshots of freezing temps from every human in the northeast's dashboard, I'm reminiscing about a great weekend Adam and I spent in NYC last year. Mercifully, we've left the depths of winter behind us (thank you, Austin), but it's nice to think about snow for a split second or so. 

We had a great snowy weekend together in the Meatpacking District, eating and drinking to our hearts' content. Some culinary highlights in the area included brunch at the Tipsy Parson, dinners at Buddakan and Spice Market, wandering Chelsea Market, and sneaking into the coziest local bar to ride out the snow by a fire. I'm seriously happy to be avoiding the storms this year, but it did make for some pretty pictures of the city. As for Austin, the snow will be gone by 10:00 and it will be back to 70s and sunny in a day or two, which is enough winter weather for me for the year.

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  1. The pictures are so pretty! I hope I'll get to visit New York soon :)