Sunday, November 17, 2013

Wedding Invitations: Vintage Stamps

Remember that time I got married? And then I barely posted any photos from the entire event? I remember that too.  You see, the thing is... I loved my wedding day with all of my heart; every last second of it, and every detail too. How could I possibly sum it all up in a quick once-over? I can't. But, I also won't inundate my blog with thousands of wedding images.

One wedding keepsake that I find myself staring at time and time again is our beautiful invitation envelopes. Sure, this is an often overlooked detail, and probably rarely considered a keepsake, but I think it's an underused avenue for showcasing the overall feel or vibe of the wedding. I'm a total psycho and stickler for details, so the calligraphy had to be personal and just so, but there are tons of awesome calligraphers on Etsy that will address yours for you!

The real star of the show, however, is the mismatched collection of vintage stamps. Once again, Etsy came to the rescue; I perused lists and lists of stamps to find enough that fit my general color scheme and theme. It took some extra work to be sure, but the result was everything I had hoped for and then some. This would be a great idea for more than just weddings. Can you imagine how gorgeous your holiday cards could be? Check out some awesome calligraphy and stamp resources below.

Calligraphy Resources

Vintage Stamp Resources


  1. The vintage stamps are really beautiful. I wish they had them at the post office. I bought some for Christmas and they just have a moose on them :P

  2. Beautiful Invitation! I really like this vintage stamps style of your wedding invitation. This is so unique and attractive. Actually I also love calligraphy style invitations and want to design similar style invitation for my sister's wedding. Thanks for sharing this lovely keepsake of your wedding.

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  4. It’s gorgeous! Who would’ve thought stamps and stickers would have this great an effect? I’m sincerely amazed with your idea and the vintage design you came up with those stamps. Thanks for sharing!

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