Friday, July 5, 2013

Burgess Falls State Park {Tennessee}

On our road trip, it was important to us to make sure Oliver got to spend some time stretching his legs in the outdoors. Being cooped up in a car is one thing when you know the end goal, but for our furry friend it was almost certainly confusing and frustrating. Through some research, I discovered an area just east of Nashville called Burgess Falls State Park. It was a perfect stop, only about 8 miles from the highway, to break up the monotony of a car ride. We hiked through some bluffs overlooking waterfalls, which increased in size and beauty as the hike continues. In a little under a mile of hiking, we enjoyed four separate falls, and took some photos highlighting a beautiful side of Tennessee. With free admission, an accessible location, and beautiful sights, Burgess Falls was a perfect road trip waypoint.

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  1. Looks like a lovely park. Glad you can stop along the way to enjoy the sites. Aunt Karen