Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Austin, TX: We Have Arrived

My first sunrise as a Texan

Instead of writing posts about each part of our journey based solely on iPhone pics, I've decided to upload my nicer photos and spend a moment on each portion I wanted to capture. We arrived in the ATX this morning, and are so excited to start settling into our new city. Until I unpack my camera cords and begin the upload, here's a few snapshots from the last leg of our journey. Lately, Gingersnaps has been, and in the coming days will be, a little travel-centric; this is because we are currently homeless and living out of cardboard boxes, making other posts a little difficult.  I'll be sure to interject some variety over the coming weeks, but I like to post about what's really happening in our lives, and this is it!

Donning my go-to cat eye shades
Are we seriously waking up at 6:00am?
The cutest citrus tree in Jan's backyard
 Nothing but blue skies, all day...

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