Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Best White Cake Ever with Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting

Even though summer in Austin will thankfully last for a couple more months, it still feels somehow strange to make unabashedly summery foods after Labor Day. I know that sounds ridiculous, because it is, but I'm feeling the need to make a bunch of summer recipes really quickly and cram everything into the standard calendar. This meant finally making a dessert with brightly colored berries, so I settled on a layered cake.

While everything was from scratch, I definitely followed other people's recipes. This "best white cake ever" was exactly as described - buttery, moist, just sweet enough, and rich in flavor. I paired it with the same frosting as in this previous post, which is the perfect combo of cream cheese and delicate vanilla flavor. Simply make the cake as directed in round pans (note that the recipe makes three layers... well.. only two of mine made it out alive), spreading each layer with a generous helping of the frosting and top with fresh berries.

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