Monday, August 25, 2014

Birthday Dinner at Lamberts Downtown Barbecue

Friday night, Adam and I went to dinner at Lamberts Downtown Barbecue to celebrate my (errr.. 25th) birthday. In the land of BBQ, Lamberts stands out as offering upscale renditions of standard fare like brisket, ribs, and pulled pork as one part of an amazing, well-rounded menu. The location, just two blocks from our apartment, made it a great spot to waddle home from after several cocktails and pounds of delicious meat. The food was delicious, with the star being a Mustard and Brown Sugar Crusted Ribeye that the waiter appropriately described as being brûléed; the steak was a perfect medium rare, but topped with a caramelized sweet and mustardy coating. I am so looking forward to going back and trying basically every item on the menu (#ambition).

A view of the restaurant, in Austin's 2nd Street District (Photo credit)
Dress // Shoes
The daily special charcuterie and cheese board, complete with foie gras pate
Mustard and Brown Sugar Crusted Niman Ranch Ribeye
Black Angus Brisket with Brown Sugar and Coffee Rub

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  1. Please come back and post more of your outfits! I'm a fellow redhead/ginger and I love seeing how to put together looks that flatter our hair and skin tone.