Monday, September 15, 2014

Driving the PCH

Adam and I are so lucky to have just come home from an amazing vacation road tripping the PCH along the California coast from San Francisco to LA. I got a little insta-happy during the trip, but I just love (over)sharing such beautiful sights with anyone who might like to see them. I am a psychotic planner of travel, in that I put in hours of research beforehand to make sure we maximize the trip, balancing between lots of fun, new things and some ever-important downtime. These things combined prompted many people to ask me to post a trip itinerary. What a great idea!

I've decided that I'll post the trip exactly as we took it, separated day by day, with any helpful hints or recommendations of places we discovered along the way. With every day being so different, we were able to do a little of everything, from yurts to five-star resorts, craft breweries to Napa wineries, and city life to almost total isolation. And if this trip doesn't sound up your alley, at least there are some pretty pictures.

Next up, Day 1!

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