Sunday, February 23, 2014

Capri by Boat

When people ask about vacation recommendations from our honeymoon on the Amalfi Coast, I always insist that one absolute must-do activity is a boat ride around the island of Capri.  This was one of the most fun and beautiful parts of our trip, and couldn't come more highly recommended. We were staying on Capri, so the boat left from the main marina and took an approximately 4 hour trip around the island. Boats also leave from the Amalfi Coast, so you could also see Capri in a day.

Our driver and guide, Frederico, was as ciao, baby! as they come, and was very knowledgable about the history and sites around the island. The boat had essentially a giant soft built-in daybed for sunbathing, and we sipped limoncello while basking in the rays. We stopped at several places around the island to swim, navigated through Capri's hallmark Faraglioni rocks, and took a turn entering the famous Blue Grotto. I left the photo of the grotto, and it's ethereal blue waters completely untouched, so you can see how stunning the color was in real life. Each view was more beautiful than the last, and it was a day I will never, ever forget.

Our private boat, from Gianni's
The Emerald Grotto
Swimwear that matched our brilliant surroundings (my color heaven)
The Blue Grotto
Thoroughly enjoying a refreshing swim
Anacapri's Faro di Punta Carena  
Ciao, baby!

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