Thursday, November 29, 2012

boordy vineyards

Adam and I decided a few weekends ago to finally visit a popular Maryland winery called Boordy Vineyards, situated just outside of Baltimore. Thanks to some expert timing (alright, it was just good luck), it was an insanely beautiful November day, with abundant sunshine and only a slight chill to the air. The winery itself actually far exceeded our expectations. I wasn't sure what to picture when conjuring an image of a Baltimore vineyard (odd, no?); however, the establishment was pleasantly quaint and rustic, and situated on a beautiful isolated plot of land. The wine shop was cozy, featuring an outdoor patio with fire rings and tables for enjoying wine, cheese and accoutrements. It was a truly enjoyable atmosphere for a fun  and relaxing afternoon.

For only $5 we received a wine tasting of six Boordy wines of our choosing, and a guided tour of the vineyard and facilities. We even learned a good deal about wine in general. Not to mention, they allow you to buy a bottle and uncork it for drinking on the patio and during the tour. Each bottle in their Landmark series features engravings of iconic Maryland wildlife, which I of course adored. Who doesn't love a local icon? Overall, it was an entirely enjoyable experience, and I look forward to returning for some vino with the ladies when the weather turns a corner in the spring.


  1. We found your recipe for Grilled steak and gorgonzola cheese on pinterest, and I just wanted to share with you that we made it last night and it was delicious. So thank you!

    1. I'm so happy you enjoyed it! It's one of my absolute favorites.