Tuesday, November 20, 2012

confused, astonished, inspired

I have absolutely no idea whatsoever where November has gone. I feel like a broken record saying this, as I come around to this idea every few months or so (am I just getting old?). But, seriously, what is happening? I knew I had taken a little accidental blogger vacation due to my distaste for darkness settling in at 5:00pm here in Baltimore. I mean, come on! Light sufficient for photos is hard enough to find in our tiny apartment when it's actually sunny; what's a girl to do when it's already too dark for anything postable by the time she's home from work? Oh, and there's the laziness. There's always the laziness.

On another note, I've realized through my blog perusing habits that most of my favorite posts by other bloggers are their roundups of things that just plain made them happy. So here goes nothing as I jump back into the Gingersnaps saddle with some fun things that piqued my interest across the web.

This fun-to-play-with site for personalized vacation inspiration (seriously, try it out).

These unique and adorable ankle boots.

A skirt that nails not one, but two, current trends.

My go-to site for easy photo editing (and no, it's not Instagram).

A great new brand made especially for gifts, just in time for the holidays.


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