Wednesday, November 21, 2012

{last-minute} thanksgiving tips

Well, it looks like it's about time for another last-minute-holiday post crunched into the mix right before Thanksgiving. I've realized over the past few days that people really love Thanksgiving, and that they love it a lot more than I do. Thanksgiving is okay (don't get me wrong, I appreciate the two days off of work), but it's far from my favorite. I'm never really prepared for it in any way, which is fine since my mom does literally all of the work, but I always wish that I had taken the time to at least make a cool side dish. Last year, I did make an amazing turkey for a pre-holiday potluck. Seriously, amazing (thank you Alton Brown). This year, we'll just drive to PA to see my family and let my mom do her thing. Here are some tips to help Thanksgiving go smoothly, whether you're in charge or following someone else's lead.

1. Learn how to fake a clean house.
2. Add flavor to blah gravy with a splash of sherry or Madeira while heating.
3. Or, try a sprig of sage.
4. Buy brie. Why? Leftover turkey + cranberry + brie grilled cheese. Yep.
5. Select a nice pinot:  a crisp grigio to balance dry turkey, or a berry-ripe noir.
6. Mix Rumchata with your coffee. With family, you might need it.
7. Add a seasonal leaf to each place setting for last-minute decor.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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