Tuesday, August 14, 2012

peach + mint

Blouse // Shorts // Cuff // Shoes
This outfit is very Man Repeller-esque for the simple fact that Adam, and most men, just plain hate this type of shorts. Lucky for me, I'm not on the prowl, so I can wear things like this and just watch the fiance give me weird looks. You see, I like this outfit for two reasons: I'm obsessed with peach and mint, and the shorts make my legs look about a zillion inches longer than they really are. I bought this blouse with fall wardrobe intentions, but was happy to find some use for it in summer as well. By the way, how gorgeous is this lace gold cuff? And it's malleable enough to bend it around my baby-wrists (bonus!). So cheers to being a girl, and all the man-repelling fashion that comes with the role.


  1. The pants are so cute :) And I simply adore the sandals

  2. Like your Look hon <333