Monday, November 16, 2015

Marfa, TX

When Adam and I decided to bite the bullet and hit the road for a trek deep into West Texas, I worried that this quirky, eclectic destination wouldn't live up to its hype. Our visit to Marfa not only surpassed all of my expectations, but it became one of the best weekend trips Adam and I have ever taken. The town's charm is indescribable, and we had a truly incredible weekend eating, drinking, and exploring Marfa's hot spots. From famous food trucks to modern art installations, there was no shortage of trendy, memorable places to experience. Outside of town, the scenery is breathtaking, and provided the perfect backdrop for an afternoon drive. The drive is long, but I have no doubt that someday we'll be back.

EAT //  Food Shark (order the Marfalafel)
DRINK // Planet Marfa
SEE // The Chinati Foundation
STAY //  El Cosmico
VISIT // Big Bend Brewing Company, Alpine

Me seeing a tumbleweed for the first time!
Art installation at the Chinati Foundation
Planet Marfa (known to us now as the greatest bar in the world) - this quirky, fun watering hole was a perfect spot for a sunny afternoon beer, complete with its own giant teepee, a converted school bus, and a treehouse deck for seating options. Why can't a perfect replica of this place pop up in Austin?
We took an amazing scenic drive to Alpine and its surrounding areas. The ultimate destination was Big Bend Brewing Company for a tour and some of their yummy Hefeweizen, which tastes a bit like banana bread.
We ate at the fanciest restaurant in town, Cochineal, and it didn't hold a candle to the food from Marfa's famous Food Shark trailer. The Marfalafel was pure heaven.

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