Monday, November 30, 2015

Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort

In today's installment of amazing weekend getaways, I'm excited to share some photos from a stunningly beautiful trip to the Southwest. Prior to this vacation, I had never seen the deserts of Arizona, and had always wanted to check out such a unique part of the US. Adam and I decided a long weekend in Scottsdale would be a perfect easy trip from Austin (direct flight ATX to PHX), and I knew exactly where I wanted to stay:  Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort.

Sanctuary is a quiet, luxurious resort nestled inconspicuously into the landscape of Camelback Mountain. This modest design scheme intentionally blends into its surroundings, so as not to detract from the area's natural beauty. I knew this would be an amazing place to refresh and recharge, and it certainly delivered. Also, the fact that Beyonce and Jay Z stayed here for their honeymoon pretty much made this place a given. They likely rented the entire resort themselves (because Yonce), but a basic room won't cost you an arm and a leg and grants you access to a truly special place.

Sanctuary's pool is next level gorgeous, and offers amazing views at sunrise, sunset, and everything in between.
Happy hour at the resorts Jade Bar is a great transition into nighttime, and again... views.
After a full day and night at the resort, we decided it was time to venture out. We headed to hike Camelback Mountain, which was really lovely, but also a lot more perilous than most casual hikes. In hindsight, I should've worn real sneakers.
After our hike and a little more pool time, we got dressed up to head in town to Cafe Monarch for dinner. I had heard great things about the restaurant, but it far exceeded any expectations. Dinner there is an absolute must!
The restaurant's outdoor patio is entirely surrounded by a lush garden that houses hundreds of Monarch butterflies! How magical is that? The food was to die for, including my Chilean Sea Bass over a Sweet Corn Puree, Quinoa Pilaf, and Vanilla Beurre Blanc.

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