Sunday, September 28, 2014

PCH Road Trip Day Two {Napa}

Following a full day in San Fran, Adam and I headed up to Napa to tour a few wineries and drink some vino. Full disclosure for this part of our trip: I would not say we had a full Napa experience. Both of us decided that we would reserve a more luxurious trip through the wine country for its own separate weekend getaway, and that this day would be spent relaxing at a few small vineyards sampling wine and eating good food.

We booked the tour last minute and decided to keep it pretty low-cost, but I only have good things to say about the experience with Green Dream Tours. They picked up and dropped us off at our hotel, the guide was great, the stops were fun, and all tastings were included in the price. We also stopped at Oxbow Public Market for an awesome lunch. That being said, we didn't go to the large estate, luxurious vineyards with sweeping views of the valley. All in all, it was a great intro to the area, and we ate and "tasted" ourselves silly. It was an awesome day, and I look forward to joint Napa and Sonoma visit in the future.

Hagafen Winery had the cutest layout and decor
This maxi dress (Anthropologie) is a little manic, but I kind of love it.
Absolutely delicious tacos from Oxbow Public Market, even by Texas standards
Judd's Hill Winery - the point where my camera battery died, and I became even more thankful for my iPhone
Thank you, Mario Andretti and family for feeding the beast


Green Dream Tours
Oxbow Public Market
Hagafen Cellars
Judd's Hill Winery
Andretti Winery

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  1. How fun!! We love wine, so a wine tour in Napa has always been on the top of our list ;) Love that maxi dress too!!

    xo, K