Saturday, May 5, 2012

happy cinco de mayo!

I don't think that Cinco de Mayo gets nearly enough press in the northeast (and no, Maryland, you are not the south, no matter where the Mason-Dixon line may lie). To me, celebrating this holiday should be on par with St. Patrick's Day hoopla, and I'm much closer to Irish than Mexican... obviously. This year the fiesta has to compete with another great event, the Derby, which also warrants themed celebration. P.S. this coincidental pairing has spurred one of the cleverest cocktail collaborations I've seen:  the mint julep margarita.

Anyway, I celebrated the day by making some classic pico de gallo, which despite less-than-perfect tomatoes was so refreshing and tasty. I ate/inhaled about half of the salsa before it even hit the refrigerator, then put the rest to good use in some chicken tacos. Since I was in the spirit of reworking leftovers, I then used the leftover grilled corn from said tacos and mixed it into the pico, creating what I'm calling Grilled Corn and Fresh Tomato Salsa. Naturally we've also been drinking margaritas, but there's already enough going on in this post, so I'll save that for another day.

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  1. mmm the salsa looks so good :)on my way to check out the recipe