Monday, May 7, 2012

day at the dog beach

Adam and I took Oliver to a dog beach outside of Baltimore this weekend, and I have never seen the little man have more fun. At first, he was a little scared of the small "waves" breaking on the shore but, with a little encouragement, he was having the time of his life. He even went for a true swim several times, whereas before he would wade in the water but never beyond where he could touch the ground. From digging and sprinting circles in the sand to fetching sticks out of the water, he burned about 9283 calories and could barely make it to the car without falling asleep. On a totally unrelated note, I'm in love with my new sunglasses from Free People, and I want to wear them with everything this summer.


  1. Your sunglasses are so cute :)And so is your puppy

  2. you sure had a great time! cute shades

    Pudding Monster

  3. Hi,Jordan!
    I enjoyed browsing in your blog, it's amazing.
    You're in my blog today (photo) *;*
    I ♥ your outfits, your blog is in my favorites.
    Come visit ►
    Ana, from Brazil.