Thursday, March 29, 2012

winter citrus margarita

I am so excited to share this homemade recipe with you, because it was easily the best cocktail I've ever made. It couldn't have possibly been more fresh or flavorful, containing only natural fruit juices and my good friend tequila. Tequila has a special place in my heart, just ask my friends from college... on second thought, don't do that. I think it's some kind of magical gift that the coldest, darkest season of the year brings us the brightest of fruits.You could really make this with any of winter's abundant citrus fruit, including blood oranges which my store was out of, but this mix was a perfect blend of tart and sweet. It was the perfect transition from winter into the warm Spring months.

Winter Citrus Margarita

Serves: 2-3
1 pink cara cara orange
1 temple orange
1/4 grapefruit
1/2 lime
1/2 Meyer lemon
4 oz. tequila
Agave nectar or simple syrup, optional

Juice all fruits into a cocktail shaker, and shake with ice and tequila. If desired, add simple syrup or agave nectar to taste, but I didn't find that my margaritas needed extra sweetener. Rim with salt if you'd like, but I was too lazy... and honestly just wanted a drink.

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