Thursday, March 22, 2012

mara hoffman swim

All styles found at ASOS

Ever since Adam and I tentatively decided on a tropical honeymoon locale (more info to come soon), I've been dreaming of a luxury island getaway. I've also been cursing my expensive tastes, as I always seem to set my eyes on things a bit out of my wallet's range. Enter Mara Hoffman swimwear, and I'm swooning. This NY based designer is all over the latest spring trends (especially tribal and mixed prints) and makes them look so effortlessly cool. I can't help but kind of want to be one of the people who wears this kind of fabulousness. Moral of this story is: I can't wait to have a job and make money. Enjoy!

All styles found at Shopbop

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  1. Awesome Swimsuits !!!!!