Monday, September 10, 2012

honeymoon dreaming

Surprisingly, I can't remember a single time in my life that I have "dreamed of my wedding day" like many girls apparently do. It simply never crossed my mind, beyond the idea of imagining Mr. Right (who, as it turns out, was beyond imagination). However, daydreaming about a someday-honeymoon has crossed my mind on occasion. After the initial wedding plans were laid, Adam and I immediately veered off course and started planning the big getaway. 

Originally considering an all-inclusive getaway to Antigua, we decided that a week in the Caribbean would always be a feasible jump from Texas within the next few years. A two-week trip to the Amalfi Coast of Italy, however, may just be a once in a lifetime opportunity. The Amalfi Coast is an absolute dream of a destination, and is often described as the most magical and beautiful place in the world. After booking the backbone of the trip, I took notice of Amalfi and Capri references, and I couldn't believe how many of my favorite bloggers had traveled to the same locale. Check it out! (here, here, here, here, oh and here).

So here's a little preview of our honeymoon, that I'm so thrilled to share with you and dream about for the next ten months (but who's counting). Our goal was to see a few of the beautiful places this part of the world has to offer, without packing too much into a trip; days of lounging in blissful relaxation are a must when honeymoon-planning. With two days in Naples, six in Positano, a quick day-trip to Ravello, and six more in Capri, I think we will be able to see so much while still luxuriating by the pools and beaches of the Mediterranean. It's a tough life, I know, but we're working through it just fine.


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  2. I love this graphic! Did you make it? I'm super inspired, I'm pinning it to my graphic design inspiration Pinterest board :)


  3. I too will daydream about one day copying your honeymoon! Looks like an amazing trip!!