Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A Perfect Girls Weekend in Tulum

A couple years ago, Tulum exploded as the must-see destination across the internet, from travel blogs to Pinterest to every magazine under the sun. Every photo looked more special and magical than the next, with impeccable design, laid back beach vibes, great restaurants, and turquoise water. So, of course, I had to jump on the bandwagon before somewhere else took over as the "it" spot (looking at you, Iceland). As usual, it took forever to get this posted, but better late than never.

This post is an overview of our trip, impossibly trying to share how adorable Tulum is in one little post. I can't believe how much more I loved Tulum than anywhere else I've been in Mexico, and I've been to various parts of the country 8 times. Hopefully this inspires someone to visit, because I'm beyond obsessed with this place. 


Three girlfriends and I took off for the Cancun airport on a Thursday morning (direct flight from Austin woo woo!), rented a car, and drove the approximately 1.5 hour drive to Tulum. On the first night, we checked into our hotel, Ana y Jose, had dinner and some margaritas, visited a couple bars along the main beach road, and called it a night before exploring the next day. We loved Ana y Jose; it was the cutest boutique hotel with thatch-roofed little cottages as rooms, a nice pool, and a gorgeous view of the beach.


We had a big breakfast in our hotel then hit up the beach! Girls trip essentials included the cutest koozies from, a portable speaker for the beach, pineapple cups for cocktails, and super cute but totally impractical custom bendy straws (see below). After some fun in the sun, swinging on swings outside our hotel, and dipping in the ocean, we cleaned up and headed to Posado Margherita for an early dinner. It's the absolute cutest restaurant, and had fresh Italian fare (odd in Mexico, but so good) right on the beach. Check out some photos on where we ate & drank here. 


Spend the morning checking out some of the cenotes, or underground swimming holes, found all around Tulum. Two main ones are Cenote Dos Ojos and the Grand Cenote. They were so fun to swim in and explore, with insanely turquoise water reflecting all over the caves. 

Make sure to be back at Hartwood, the best restaurant in Tulum, and one of my favorite meals ever, at exactly 3:00pm. At this time, the hostess takes the names of the groups in line until all the tables for the night are reserved. You can then leave, wander the beach or head back to your hotel, until your dinner reservation. This meal was insane. So fresh, so fun, and the chef even comes and sits at the table with you to chat for a bit. Check out some pics here.

Afterward, have a drink at Gitano, dubbed the "gypsy disco" where the cocktails are delicious but the ambiance is absolutely top notch.


The Mayan ruins can be found on the way back to the airport. Since our flight was in the evening, we decided to stop here along the way to break up the drive and make use of our Sunday. They were really fun to tour, and had the added bonus of a beautiful little beach hidden below the rocks. 

Seriously, how beautiful is this cenote?

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  1. Great post, I can imagine how much fun you girls have out there. Place also looks amazing, going to visit it once and experience beach life. Thank you for sharing it.