Tuesday, February 5, 2013

christmas flashback

It's finally time to fire up some Gingersnaps action after a long, long debate of whether or not to keep. this. thing. up. I've decided to keep it going through the wedding, and go from there. There's no point in trying to cover the last month or so playing catch up. Therefore, I'll be reminiscing briefly about the holidays for today, posting a travel post or two from our family trip to Texas, and moving on. How regal is Oliver looking here? It's almost like he's proud of his Christmas-adorned home... or maybe I just sat a treat literally on my camera. Just maybe. Either way, I want to put my hands right under those cute little ears and rub his cheeks. Too much? Sorry. Welcome back to Gingersnaps!

A cute tablescape I whipped up with these chevron paper placemats and some cheap ornaments.

More Chubs, a homemade frothy pumpkin latte, and my Christmas dinner getup.
Oliver and his brother, Mick, looking way too adorable.

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