Sunday, December 16, 2012

not your ugly sweater

I love holiday parties; I really do. This year has been sadly sparse for festive fetes, in part because 90% of the people I know in Maryland are Jewish, and in part because 90% of us are also temporarily poor (thank you, residency!). I'm not really big on "ugly sweater parties"; I see their appeal to be sure, but I tend to jump at any opportunity to dress up. I prefer a dress code to be simply holiday-themed. Of course I didn't prepare for the holidays in any real way, so I had to throw together a Christmas outfit last-minute, and ended up loving it! 

I used the hook of a Christmas tree ball to secure three small ornaments together and onto a bobby pin. I made a very unfussy (aka I had already had a few cocktails and twisted it up quickly) top knot, inserted the bobby pin, and voila! Paired with a sweet, feminine green top and a red lip, it made for a perfectly spirited, and best of all cheap, party get-up. Also, how can you not love my handsome boy? I could smooch him for hours and hours and hours... but don't worry, not on the lips. Happy Holidays!

Top: Oasis (purchased in Dublin last fall)

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