Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Big Bend: Balanced Rock

Earlier this month, Adam and I decided to take a road trip to the most remote national park in the continental US. In fact, Big Bend National Park was the most remote place either of us had ever seen, let alone park. We drove through hundreds of miles of isolation to reach our west Texas destination in just under eight hours (including a Dairy Queen stop, naturally). While the drive was long, the end destination was even more beautiful and impressive than I had imagined.

A giant dessert on the Texas-Mexico border may not seem like it warrants more than one post, but I just couldn't bear the idea of cutting anything out. Also, when I was doing my classic pre-travel research, I couldn't find reliable information on what areas of the park were worth seeing, and which hikes worth choosing when limited by a long weekend's time; therefore, I wanted to share some photos from each of our adventures.

The first short hike we did was the Grapevine Trail, which led to an impressive geologic formation called Balanced Rock. The actual hike was a quick and easy two miles round-trip, which provided an awesome starting point for exploring. 

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