Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Algarve, Portugal

The Algarve, a region on the southern coast of Portugal long known for having the best beaches in Europe, seems to finally be creeping onto bucket lists of travelers around the world. It's nearly impossible to scroll through Pinterest and not see images of Ponte da Piedade or the unusually beautiful Benagil Sea Caves, and with good reason. The coastline looks like California on steroids, with dramatic cliffs and rock formations jutting down toward clean, sandy beaches. Unfortunately, we hit several days of unseasonably cool temperatures that limited beach time, but it was just as beautiful to explore (with a light jacket).

EAT // Albufeira Gourmet Churrasqueira Take-Away
SEE // Praia da Falesia, Praia do Camilo,  Ponte da Piedade

Our lovely hotel, the Epic SANA Algarve, was located on Praia da Falesia, a beach known for its dramatic red rock cliffs. A series of walking trails along the cliffs and a private stairwell to the water showcase breathtaking views of the beaches below. Finding the silver lining in jet lag, I got up before the sun on our first morning and was met with possibly my favorite sights of our entire trip (sorry Adam, you were sleeping). I had the entire beach to myself, and I will never forget the experience.

Moving west along the coast, we drove to the town of Albufeira and Praia dos Pescadores. The beach here had a totally different vibe, busy with coastal shops, restaurants and bars. We stopped for lunch at the most famous and acclaimed Portuguese chicken spot in the region, which looked like a hole in the wall, but tasted like heaven.

We then set off further along the coast, hitting several must-see beaches (around the Lagos area) along the way. Each was more stunning than the last, with curious rock formations, panoramic views, and natural sea caves.

Praia Dona Ana
Praia do Camilo

The journey culminated with a series of beach views along the peninsula south of Lagos, and the rock formation Ponta da Piedade. We grabbed some beers at a local grocer, zipped our jackets up, and stayed here to watch the sunset. In the end, it was an exciting and fulfilling day of exploring that far surpassed lounging on a hot beach.

Me drinking a beer on a rock summit
My favorite view of Ponte da Piedade

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