Tuesday, July 31, 2012

summer to fall {lace}

It's always a sad time of year when stores start shuffling their summer clothes to the sales rack; every year, I swear it happens earlier than ever before. It's a weird time of year to go shopping, because there is still the whole hot month of August to consider, but I never want to spend a lot of money on strictly warm-weather pieces. It's during this month that I start to build a fall wardrobe out of season-to-season transition pieces. Lace is a perfect fabric to ease into autumn; whether layered with warm-weather pieces, cut in fuller-coverage silhouettes, or crafted with rich fall colors, lace can easily be worn this season and the next.

All images from Pinterest.


  1. oh I love lace too!kisses from Italy

  2. Also pretty like this unique style and when I find that I'll choose the right color and right style, perfect!