Tuesday, July 3, 2012

patriotic pudding pops

You may be wondering if I actually elected to make pudding pops for the fourth of July. When's the last time you had a pudding pop? I'll bet it's been 20 years for me. The decision to make them came about something like this internal dialog:  "S*%$. I have nothing to post in time for a holiday... again. S*%$, I am poor". Enter my approximately 70 cent pops (considering I already had some food coloring on hand). They were a nice little easy treat, though I accidentally bought sugar-free pudding mix while online grocery shopping (#notkosherwithme). 

I also confirmed a few facts during this iPhone photo shoot, including the fact that I have oddly large eyes, the usuallly-sacred iPhone struggles in imperfect lighting, and that as a dentist, I actually quite like my own teeth. I digress, but the point is these were cute, easy, and crazy cheap treats that made me pretty happy during this heat wave. It's barely a recipe, but I'll jot it down for you anyhow.

Patriotic Pudding Pops
Serving: about 6 popsicles

1 package instant Jell-O pudding mix (I went with cheesecake flavor)
2 cups cold milk
Red and blue food coloring

Prepare pudding according to package directions. Separate into three bowls or cups. Color each segment of pudding appropriately by slowly adding drops of food coloring. Layer in popsicle mold, paper cup, or glass. Freeze. Eat. Enjoy.


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